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recall race candidates

Arianna Huffington officially has entered the race. Six years ago I would laughed my ass off but since her "transformation" I would seriously think about it. More interesting is that her ex-husband Michael (former GOP Senate-candidate) is considering running as well. I haven't heard anything on him since he came out of the closet.

Dianne Feinstein officially declared she won't run. She's been polling the highest of a list of potential candidates, assuming Governor Davis lost. Arnold Schwarzenegger will announce later today whether he will enter or not. If not, former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan will. Davis' former foe for the Governorship, Bill Simon, will be running as well.

There have been more colorful candidates declaring for the race as well like Larry Flynt. I'm sure he'll lock up the 18-25 yr-old male vote. ;o)

My opinion is that as much as Davis would like to think all the Democrats will save his ass, it ain't going to happen. He's toast. I've heard some Democrats say if he's the only choice they have they won't vote, even if that means a Republican would win. My advice to Davis is to wait until the day before the recall vote and then resign, giving Lt. Governor Bustamante the helm. I'm sure that'll piss off Rep. Darryl Issa to no end. Issa being the one hugely financing this whole mess and running for the position as well.
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