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from "The Cheney plan for more blackouts"

Those regulatory tigers at FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), the guys who stood by doing nothing while California got ripped off for $45 billion, have in fact presciently warned that the Midwestern grid is a mess. So they get lots of points in the "I told you so" category. Not that they did anything about it.

The Clinton administration, in the person of former energy secretary and now governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, is also in the clear, having tried to Do Something back in 1998, to the usual chorus of boos and jeers from the Republican Congress. This naturally did not stop Rep. Tom DeLay, the Exterminator, from blaming it all on the Democrats as soon the lights went out.

The Republican theme song is that if only Congress had passed Dick Cheney's perfectly darling National Energy Plan, this would never have happened.

[Read more] - by Molly Ivins
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