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today's lesson in mathematics

free time + boredom + internet connection = 30MB of Sims furniture downloaded

What? It's not as if I have a life or anything. :o/
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I can't wait to get a computer so I can get SIMS.........I've heard so much about it........I'll have NO reason for leaving home!!!! Heh! Heh!
Art, playing Sims is like being on crack. You know it's bad for you, destroying your life and yet you can't bring yourself to stop. And like the drug dealers, Maxis keeps releasing add-on packs to keep you hooked. Fiends! ;o)

The really sad part is that I'm, as in right now, downloading even more stuff (kitchen sets.)
....and DON'T forget a Jacuzzi for the backyard!!!! "Grin"
You need...
Neopets! It doesn't look like much till you're actually in there, and then it eats your soul up like a small, rabid hamster!
think about it as a money saving activity. by purchasing Sim-furniture and decorating your Sim-home with the latest fashions, you get the pleasure of purchasing real-furniture and decorating your real-home but without all the real-expense.

i know... which word would describe this comment?

- he who is restraining himself from buying Superstar