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today's update

Not only did the 49ers lose, but they lost in overtime against the St. Louis Lambs! Argh! If only Wilson had sat his ass down instead of trying for a few extra yards and called a timeout we could have kicked a field goal to win the game outright.

I wanted to have chicken soup for dinner but that's kind of hard to make when you forget to take the chicken out to defrost. *ahem* So, it was beef, hamburger actually, & vegetable soup. Instead of onion powder I used some dehydrated onion flakes for a stronger flavor and I also used a few drops of soy sauce in place of using salt. It came out rather good.

When I can afford it I need to get a new graphics card. Mine only has 8MB of RAM which gets me nowhere with newer games. Speaking of which, Maxis will be releasing another add-on for the Sims called "Making Magic." It'll be the last add-on for the original Sims making way for the Sims 2.

In other news, Ben and J Lo have broken up. Excuse me whist I yawn at this tidbit. *packs gear to get ready to stalk Ben* ;o)
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