today's shopping outing

The Good

Started the trip at the Victor Valley Mall 30 miles away. I browsed around while my mother shopped for clothes. No, I didn't look for clothes. I detest shopping for clothes. From there was to Best Buy. I found a video that supposedly would work with my machine, meaning, a PCI interface and Celeron processor. I wandered down the games aisles almost picking up the Superstar add-on for the Sims. But I resisted. I did pick up two DVDs. The Thing from Another World, an old 50's horror (of that time) movie that I can almost recite line by line. Also, a two-sided DVD with Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla on side A with Godzilla vs. Destroyah on side B. I looked around at some trance CDs and realized I had already downloaded half of all the tracks via WinMX. From there we walked a few buildings down to Jack-In-The-Box where I had a Jumbo Jack combo meal. Cosco was the last stop on the trip. Picked up needed stuff from fabric softener to tortilla chips. I picked up the Reign of Fire DVD and saw Superstar for $5 cheaper than at Best Buy. I convinced myself it was a sign from above and bought it. :o)

The Bad & Ugly

Once home I opened the video card box and started to read the installation manual... and stared in disbelief as it told me that I was to insert this AGP card into my AGP slot. ?!?!? This is supposed to be a PCI interface card. Argh!! I need to take it back but probably won't be able to until Saturday. That was the first shoe that dropped. Here's the second: I went to install Superstar and was told I first needed to download a Windows XP hotfix. No problem. I did it. I rebooted and started the game and got nothing but problems. When I clicked on a occupied household to play the objects and people showed up but NOT any background (grass/walls/roofs/floors.) Instead the background screen of the neighborhood shows through. This happens for the downtown and Studio Town screens as well. *sigh* I went to the Sims website looking for clues as to why I was having the problems only to see the site was down for maintenance. *sighs again*

Oh yeah, and the Raiders played like crap against the Broncos. *grinds teeth*

Well, at least the DVDs were good.
superstar hotfix
where did u get the hotfix for superstar and which hotfix is it? email me at Xdarkwhisperzx@aol.com