January 6th, 2001


*rolls his eyes*

A message to Shrub the Usurper: yo, we ain't stupid. You see, Shrub and the Republicans (<-- sounds like punk band name) really would like to take some states in the 2002 elections, in particular, California. Part of their plan is to make their party seem inclusive by putting some minorities in Cabinet posts. But what Shrub forgot was that these new people are REPUBLICANS with republican agendas and we are not fooled by this. While a minority face or two is nice to see up in a Cabinet position, it's not good enough for us forget the right-wing polices they'll try to force down our throats. Here's an idea: let Cheney do the thinking for you Shrub. I think we'd all be better off. At least he's honest about about being a conservative and doesn't hide behind that "compassionate" crap.
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