March 14th, 2001


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Finally, it seems like my cold is receding. I still have a runny nose somewhat but not as bad as before. Still have the cough though, but then I always get lingering coughs from colds. I'll probably still have that for 2-3 more weeks.

Still haven't finished correcting the probs in the program. me=slacker

On Daria: I didn't like camp either. In fact, my camp experience is worthy enough for psychological help... probably at some time in the future. It's the reason I can't hear "Another Brick in the Wall" without curling into a fetal-position in a corner of a room.

Changed the questions at my BB site asking whether to ditch the board & chat since they aren't being used it seems. If the concensus is yes I'll do it the next update. Hmm, maybe I'll play with the colours as well (once again.)
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