March 18th, 2001


*sigh of relief*

It was about 6pm, Sat. the 17th. I was listening to some new midi files I downloaded and watching the men's NCAA BB tournament on CBS. My mom was in her room on her (my old) computer) Everything was fine until... *CLICK* ...the power went out. Fumbling in the dark for a few moments I found my lighter and lit lotsa candles. I looked outside and saw that the outage only affected my block. My mom, the smart one, decided to go visit my aunt. Dummy (me) figured he'd just read a book by candle light. So I tried that for about an hour or so but my eyes started to hurt and I was starting to nod off. Yes, I had plenty of candles lit (I've got a sh*tload of candles.) After a while I just stared at the wall watching shadows cast by the candles. Geez, I was bored. Everything I do involves electronics it seems, from the computer to the CD player to the TV. I finally fell asleep around 11PM (my guess) and then was awoked around 1:25AM with the sound of my TV, scanner, vcr, answering machine AND aquarium power filter all starting at once.

The thing that makes me worry now is that everyone says there'll definitely be outtages this summer because of the power crisis here in Cali. So what the heck am I gonna do during those outtages?
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