March 25th, 2001


Updates? What the hell are those?

Updated both my Bentboy & Desertwolf sites. I was shocked to see 2 porn ads in rotation in the FC banner at the Bentboy site. I've made quite an effort to keep nudity out of the site and here the webhoster is doing it. *sigh* I openned an account at NBCi thinking to move it there. The chance of that actually happening is 50% right now. Dunno at this point.

J invited me to go with him and 2 other friends to Las Vegas next weekend. I do want to spend time with him cuz he's my bud and all that, but I'm soooooo not into the bar scene. Let's face it, the bar scene is a meat market with young studs parading around like peacocks. The problem is that I'm a big old turkey. Bah.
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