April 10th, 2001


I've got tons of these things...

1. How tall are you? 5'10"
2. Do you have a big nose? Yes
3. Do you have a funny lookin bottom? More like "weird"
4. How often do you shave? Once every month or so
5. Do you like canned beets? Hell no
6. What is your mother's name? Helen
7. What do you call your mother? Mom
8. Do you enjoy having siblings? Now: yes; when I was younger: no
9. Where would you bury a body? Anywhere out here in the desert. No one would ever find it. Trust me
10. If you could pick a particular person to bury, who would that be? The list keeps getting longer
11. What is your favorite brand of cigarettes? None
12. If you don't smoke, what is your favorite brand of, um, socks? Random generic kind
13. If you had a guinea pig, what would you name it? Psycho
14. Can you recite any lines from the movie Ghostbusters? No
15. What is your favourite kind of keyboard? The one with all those useless buttons
16. What celebrity does your perfect mate resemble? I don't have a "perfect" mate
17. What band are you ashamed to admit you love? None that I can think of
18. Do you have hair that grows in funny places? Oh lordy yes
19. Do you own any vinyl clothing? Hell no
20. Do you own any para-military gear? Binoculars?
21. Do own a firearm, and if so, what kind? None
22. How many piercings do you have? Absolutely none
23. How many tattoos? None
24. Are you religious? Technically agnostic I suppose. I'm still formulating exactly what I adhere to.
25. Do you belong to any Albanian organizations whatsoever? Whozzat?
26. What music do you prefer to hump like rabid minks to? None
27. Do you speak Swahili? ?!?!
28. What country would you dominate and oppress? Vatican City
29. Do you wear make-up? LOL No
30. In your opinion, what sexual position goes best with polka? Position #3418-5539A
31. What is your favourite beer? None
32. Liquor? None
33. What can you do with your tongue? More like, "what can't I do with it?"
34. Speaking of tongues...If you were to be paid 10 million american dollars to stick your tongue up a penguin's unclean ass on live television, would you do it? *blink* You need help
35. Are you a good shot? Is that a loaded question?
36. How are you with sharp, pointy objects? Very good
37. Are you satisfied with your phyical appearance? Never have, never will be
38. What song is in your head right now? "pop goes the weasel"
39. What colour do you hate? Red
40. Are you a cracker? Saltine or cheddar?
41. What are your ethnic origins? Mostly mexican but am really a mutt
42. If you could pick any other language to speak right now, what would it be? Japanese
43. Would you go to Antarctica? Sure, why the heck not?
44. Whom would you most like to see undergo a painful decompression? I can think of 100 or so Republicans
45. Have you ever seen a dead body? Yes
46. Would you like to pee? Nope
47. Would you eat people if you were starving? Only if served with a good white wine
48. Would you kill them to eat them? Only if they were Republicans
49. Would you sacrifice yourself so that your friends and/or loved ones could live? Sure
50. Why did you even bother to fill this out? me=bored

New Daria episode in 40 minutes! Woohoo!
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No Daria tonight on MTV. Instead they had a really STUPID Top 25 thingy. The brains behind it ought to be shot, repeatedly. Anyway, I went through my videos and pulled out "The THING From Another World". Very cool old movie.