April 13th, 2001


Looks good

The NFL released the 2001 schedule this week. Besides the usual divisional foes the 49ers will have home games against the Lions, Bills, Dolphins and Eagles. Away games will be against the Jets, Bears, Colts, and Cowboys. The 49ers-Jets game will on Monday Night Football! Woot!! (<-- Did I just say that?)

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Bills sans Flutie will do this year. I think they got rid of the wrong QB. The San Diego vs. Buffalo game could be very fun. *G* The Cowboys are in rebuilding mode (welcome to the club guys!) which makes me very, very happy. Will the Jets' Testaverde last half a season this year? (I'm still kind of ticked off that the 9ers didn't take Chad Pennington when they had the chance.) And when haven't the Bears been in rebuilding mode? *drools at the thought of QB Cade McNown*

Charley Garner signed a 4-year deal with Oakland today for $10.5 million. This wasn't unexpected because of all the rumors beforehand. I'm sad to see him go but he did end up on my 2nd favorite team so... *G*
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My cousin's daughter turned 18 this week. I hope she realizes that she's an adult now. Any more screw-ups and it won't be Youth Authority she'll be sent to, it'll be real jail.
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