April 24th, 2001


Something new but not really

First it was surfing websites, then came surfing through the sites' guestbooks, after that came journal surfing. All in all pretty normal stuff. Ah, but now comes something a wee bit different. I go from journal to journal not to read their journals (well, ok, I do that too a bit) but to read their user profiles: the bios, their interests and uploaded user pics. I'm worried what the next step will be -- IP hunting? ;o)

For a few weeks I had no interests listed in my profile since I wasn't sure what type of stuff went there. Then after surfing a few journal I figured I could put a few things down -- just a few. With my new found interest in user profiles and glancing through their interest lists I started writing down things I might want to list in mine. Well that quickly bounced the number of my interest from the low teens to... *checks his profile* ...99 of them now. What worries me is not that by the end of the week I could have 200 of the damn things but if that's a good or bad thing. :o)
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