April 28th, 2001


things to do

So I've been whining about not being able to move my personal site to a non-ad place because I need a lot 'o space thanks to all the midi files I have & their lyrics (about 19.8 MB right now). It just dawned on me this week that I could split the midis off onto it's own site like I did with Bentboy's Place. Duh! So that's what I've been doing this week: reorganizing the files, renaming them, moving them around a bit, constructing new pages for the site, making a FAQ and Newest page. In fact, except for the index.html page it's all done and ready to upload. Once I get that main page done I'll start, and hopefully get done tonight, a new gallery at Bentboy's Place. I should have done that last week but, well, you know... procrastination and all that. *G* Then finally, I'll have to modify the links on my Desertwolf site to point to the new midi site and make a few more updates as well. Hmm, I really should start doing all this right now buuuuut I think I'll play some Quake first. =)
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squeek, boo, go for the eyes


About those updates I was going to do today... didn't happen. Surprised? *G* I made it to the Friends of the Library book sale this morning and picked up 9 books. I've been reading ever since I got back. One of the books I got I found out I already had once I got home. Oops The copy I got today was a paperback and the one I already had was a hardback. I think I'll take the latter one with me the next time I go to the sale and let them have it to sell since they get more money for hardback books.

Tonight I had (way too much) chicken enchiladas, rice and beans. Good beans. The home cooked refried-type and not the canned crap. I've never really like the canned stuff except for the Rosarita brand, but even that I don't like any more.

Have you ever noticed how your taste in food changes over the years? When I was young I loved pickles and drank milk all the time. I also hated mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions. Now things have completely reversed. The only way you'll get a pickle in my mouth is to teleport it there.
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