April 29th, 2001


lazybutt gets off his tuckus

Got the new BBP gallery done this morning and uploaded it. Then I realized that since I last updated the site I redid all the html pages to get rid of the chat, board and poll links since they were hardly ever used. Which means I have to upload ALL the html pages (36 galleries x 17 pages per gallery + 1 main page=613 files), eventually. For now I've uploaded the ones for galleries 30-36. I'll do the rest later this week.

I got the main page for the midi site done though I'm not too happy with it. I'll work on it some more later but at least now I can start uploading everything. I mean, how long could it possibly take to upload 20MB of stuff at 46K speed? *sigh*
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squeek, boo, go for the eyes


It helps when you try to upload files to a new site to actually HAVE a new site to upload to. I knew I was forgetting something. %)
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Got half of the midi site uploaded; the rest I'll do tomorrow.

Had fast food for dinner: 2 Jumbo Jacks, fries and a Pepsi. Yum =)
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