May 3rd, 2001

squeek, go for the eyes, boo

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When I did the midi site I had used the same colour scheme and top graphics as my Desertwolf one which I really didn't want to do, so, today I changed that. The colors are bright and pastel-like... one may even say "bubbly". Yeah, I know, someone ought to slap me for using that word.

midi site screenshot
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    Madonna - "What It Feels Like For A Girl"


Gotta get up early tomorrow and head to Victorville (30 miles away) with my mom. Take the monitor into Best Buy and see what they can do with it. Hopefully it's trashed and I'll get a new one. Hey, a guy can dream can't he? *G* Then we're going to look around there and some other places for refrigerators since ours is old and noisy as hell. We'll also see if my mother gets tempted into buying any more casino games. I'd say the chances of that are probably good. :o)
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    Eurythmics - "Love Is A Stranger"