May 22nd, 2001


Lookies... an update

Yeah I know, I haven't updated in a while. Things haven't been that interesting enough to post if you want to get down to the truth of the matter.

Let's see, well there's the program... perhaps I should say the Program. The thing I've been helping L with for about 3 years now. And I'm goddamn tired of it. Really. At first I didn't mind because I wanted to keep doing some kind of programming of any kind which I wasn't doing at the time. Then it became a lesson in learning different coding. It started off being solely in Pascal. Then as I learned Euphoria the editor got written in that. Then last year we started to convert it from a DOS to Windows program. And now... I don't give a fuck. About 2 weeks ago L decided it'd be better to switch the focus from the story elements as the main focus with the characters as secondary concern to the exact opposite. Fuck. It wouldn't be a complete rewrite of the program but it'd be hell of a lot of work. Since then I was supposed to work on it but I haven't, at all. How sick am I of it? Let's put it this way... about the same time I'm typing this L is undergoing surgery to change the battery in his pacemaker. When he told me about the operation he also mentioned the topic of "if he didn't come of the surgery" and I'm very ashamed to say that for the briefest moment I hoped he didn't make it. Just so the program would be done with. Yes, even though it was the briefest of thoughts, the very fact I thought of it just to get out of working on the program showed how bad this situation is getting. I still don't know what to do. I should just tell him I'm done with it. The problem is that while he has the vision of the program and the content, he's not that proficient in programming. That was my role. So if I do decide to quit he's going to be up a creek. Not to mention he wouldn't understand at all the coding behind the editor. *sigh* Ok, if I haven't been working on the program what have I been working on? 2 things.

For one: I started working on building a Quake2 level. It was to be a single player map but quickly became a 3-4 player FFA one instead. I had fun throwing lots of crud into it and finally got it done as I wanted it. Tried it out many times against some gladiator bots and had lots of fun, but, I'm starting to want to go back and add some single player challenges in it. This is still an ongoing project.

The second thing: I'd gotten back into playing old Nintendo games, in particular Dragon Warrior. Now, for the PC there's a line of games by Spiderweb Software, the Exile trilogy/Blades of Exile games which are similar in the fact that they use a tile-based map, use world and town display modes, spells and armour also present. I'd always wanted to write something similar and I kept saying I was going to do it but never did. So, the day before yesterday I decided to write a Dragon Warrior clone. Not for sale, after all the technology behind it is so old now compared to the games of today. This is just for personal benefit. I decided to write it in Euphoria and started off by getting a navigable world map working. Yes, walking through swamps will hurt you. That didn't take too long I'd say; it was done by yesterday afternoon. I also needed to write a world/town editor to create the maps I wanted to use. Now, I had something similar to what I needed for this already done for another game I'd done a long time ago so I just modified that a bit. Then last night I modified the map navigator code so that it'd handle towns as well as the world map. I've got the Brecconary and Garingham maps done and are fully navigable. I started work on the Tantegel Castle but I think now I'm going to shift my focus on getting the code done for the town characters and get some interactiveness in the game. I suppose it'd be easier going if I wrote an editor for that as well. Yes it's more work, but it's work I want to do.
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