June 1st, 2001

squeek, go for the eyes, boo

Let's recap this week, shall we?

Called the rental office on Memorial Day about the toilet and they sent over a plummer 2 hours later. Whoa! I never expected that so quickly on a holiday. :o)

I sorta put the Dragon Warrior clone on the back burner a bit so I could do other stuff like...

...I re-did the look of this journal. I'm not quite sure if I'll keep it like this or not. I can switch back to the previous style quickly if I want.

...I re-did the front pages of Bentboy Place. Ever since I got rid of the chat room, board, and poll pages it's looked kinda plain, so, I spiffied it up a bit.

...I'm supposed to meet with L today to go over the Program and I'm thinking of subtle ways of saying "I wanna chuck this annoying piece 'o crap into outer space."

For dinner I had 2 egg & cheese sandwiches, some BBQ chips and a handful of roasted peanuts. Let's hear it for healthy eating! :oP
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Another survey

1. Who was the last person you yelled at? I can't remember
2. Who was the last person you kissed? Malcolm
3. What was the last memorable book you read? "King Of The Murgos" by David Eddings
4. When did you last dance? ages ago
5. What's the last thing you want to hear from your parents? that I have a long lost sibling
6. When did you last go for a walk in the park? years ago
7. When did you last do you ironing? many months ago
8. When was the last time you smiled all day? I don't think I ever had
9. What color of socks do you normally wear? white tube socks
10. Did you ever attend a private school? nope
11. Do you like stuffed animals? they're aiight
12. Have you ever smashed pumpkins? nope
13. Do you read labels when shopping for food? yes, just out of curiosity
14. Can you quote Shakespeare? just a phrase or two from "Romeo & Juliet" or "MacBeth"
15. Do you like playing baseball? no no no no
16. Are you a neat freak? LOL no
17. What is the worst injury you have ever given someone? a big bruise
18. Do you ever eat lemons plain? ewww, gross
19. Have you ever fired a gun? yup
20. Do you own any knee-high boots? nope
21. Are you attached to extreme people? no
22. Do you like swimming in lakes? where fish have sex, pee and die in??? no!
23. Have you ever streaked at a football game or any other public event? nope
24. What is you favorite gemstone? topaz
25. Have you gone on many blind dates? nope
26. Has someone done something extra nice for you? yes
27. Did you have a crush on any of your teachers? yes (Mr. McKinstry and Mr. Bacciarini)
28. Have you ever been lost in a bad part of a city? no
29. Would you rather have a mint or fruit flavored gum? mint
30. Do you have road rage? no
31. Have you ever eaten grass? yes
32. Do you ever eat food right out of cans or jars? you betcha
33. Has your mind ever gone blank? what?
34. Have you ever met anyone interesting at the laundry mat? yes
35. Do you have recurring dreams? at times, yes
36. Are you kind? if it's advantageous to me then yes. ;o)
37. Would you give a needy person the shirt off your back? I doubt it but then you never know
38. Do you have any beanie babies? I kill beanie babies
39. Would you rather be hot or cold? cold
40. Is the glass half full, or empty? empty
41. Do you exercise or work regularly? ROTFLMAO no
42. Could you kill if your life was threatened? sure
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Have you ever come across a picture on the Net and you felt like you recognized that person but at the same time were certain that you didn't? I randomly came across banshee's journal and when I saw her pictures...I don't know. It's like I've seen her in dreams before but I can't quite remember them. Strange.
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