June 2nd, 2001


Mr. Agoraphobic goes to town

Headed over to Victorville with mom today to look at refrigerators again. This time we looked at Midway Appliances and found one we liked but we wanted to look at Sears before committing. At Sears we found one small enough in size to fit the space we have in the kitchen but still has enough space we wanted, especially freezer space. The fridge we have now is 18 cubic feet while the one we ended up getting has 21.5 cubic feet with 6.3 of it for the freezer. It'll be delivered on Wednesday and I'm waiting to see what it'll be like with a silent fridge. The one we have now is loud as hell and has been that way for about 3 years now.

From there we headed to Best Buy to look at the computers but there wasn't anything good on sale. I got 2 CDs there: "The Singles" by the Pretenders and "Timespace" by Stevie Nicks. My mom wanted to get this casino game she saw (big surprise there) but it wouldn't run on her old machine (awww), so, she got a program with tons of recipes with a diet planner included. Guess who ended up installing it on her machine? Yup, me.

Mom dropped by her work to tell the boss that she has jury duty on Monday and she couldn't ignore it since she did that the previous 2 times. We walked about 100 yards over to Jack in the Box for lunch. I had a jumbo jack with cheese, large fries and a large root beer.

When we got back to town we headed to the Friends of the Library sale where I picked up 6 books... uh... actually, I got 8 books but when I got home I realized I already had 2 of them. Oops! heh heh. I'll donate those 2 back next week. :o)

For dinner was pepperoni pizza leftover from yesterday.
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