July 9th, 2001



Today's the day the old fridge got picked up to be recycled/reused. It had to be running and cool when they came to get it (to prove it's working), so, I plugged it in 4 hours before the 4 hour pickup window given yesterday. I forgot how freakin' loud that thing is. Even the guy who picked it up said he thought the sound he heard from it was the air conditioner running. heh
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Waterfall effect

Usually I keep the water level in my aquarium close to the very top but lately I've neglecting it. There's been lots of evaporation going on so that the water level is about 3 inches below where it normally is. The water coming out of my power filter is now dropping that distance instead and it sounds like a pond in my room. Relaxing right? Not *puts topping off aquarium water on the top of list of things to do tomorrow*
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