July 12th, 2001


just thinking

What exactly are "friends" in the land of LiveJournal? Is it simply a list of journals you like to read, sort of like bookmarks, or, is it a list of real friends you have a relationship with?

I mean, I like to surf around journals and view their user details and when there I see some people who have 80-140 friends listed. I'm thinking to myself, "she can't possibly be real friends with them all, right??" If LJ friends were just a list of journals I liked mine would be huge but I've always thought friends were more like... well... friends.

How often should you reply in a friend's journal to still be considered a friend? It's been a while since I've replied in baronkarza's journal. Not because I'm not interested anymore; quite the contrary actually. I just haven't had anything interesting to say. Should he un-friend me?

Should you be upset if you and someone were mutually marked as friends and then that someone removes you from his list? I know some people are getting hysterical and angry if that happens. I kinda felt that way when davomatic did that last month. When he switched journals/usernames he didn't put me back as a friend and then went to friends-only postings. I felt like he was telling me "you're not only not a friend but I don't want you reading what I say either so nyah! nyah!" I was hurt at first but then I figured it was his freakin' journal and he can do any damn thing he wanted to with it. *shrugs*

Hmm, I think I'll stop rambling now.
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You know, if I had a penny for every "Add 1-4 inches to your penis..." email spam I've gotten I'd be as rich as Bill Gates. >:o( And for that matter who in the hell is Amber and why would a gay dude like myself want to see her naked every few minutes??
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