July 14th, 2001


So far...

I stopped by the Friends of the Library book sale in the Mall today and added 7 books to my collection:

* Marion Zimmer Bradley - "Oath of the Renunciates"
* Terr Carr - "Dream's Edge"
* Gordon R. Dickson - "The Chantry Guild"
* Stephen R. Donaldson - "The Gap Into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge"
* Phillip José Farmer - "The Grand Adventure"
* Harry Harrison - "The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted"
* Terry McMillan - "Waiting to Exhale"

Then I headed down the road to WalMart and picked up a golden sage plant to replace the 2 prostrate rosemarys that are just about dead. I also bought Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" and ELO's "ELO Classics" while I was there.

Have you ever noticed exactly how many people use the electric chairs that WalMart provides for the elderly and disabled? I don't ever recall seeing so many in use at once as I saw today.
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