July 24th, 2001


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Got tired of looking like I was growing a big fuzzy bush on top of my head, so, I got my hair cut today. Cut very short. *runs fingers though non-existent hair* Yeah baby.

Had a weird dream sequence just before I woke up. I was walking through this forest/park and came across what looked to be a big one-story abandoned structure. I walked in and explored around a bit noticing debris everywhere. I walked into this one room where this guy was also looking around. Through the broken glass window I could see 2 people walking and talking together. I go to another room, with the stranger guy walking just behind me, and we both look around seeing pieces of plastic and metal everywhere. Then the pieces start to move and coalesce into giant insect-shaped machines. Very unfriendly looking machines. Machines which start crawling towards me and the stranger. The stranger and I ran to an adjoining room then slammed and locked the door. The machines started eating though the door. We both ran into the next room again locking the door. Again the machines were eating through the door. There wasn't a window to escape though so we were trapped. The machines broke though and made their way towards us. They got as far as my feet and then I woke up.

The odd thing was that in the dream the day before I was being chased by a swarm of bees. I wonder what's going to be after me tonight?
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