August 3rd, 2001



Picture this yesterday... I hadn't showered yet, was in a pair of old brown shorts and t-shirt, my hair all mussed up. There's a knock on the door and this hunky guy says he's here to fix the oven. ??? I didn't know he was coming over. So anyway I let him in and he takes a look at the oven. Him: late 20s, super hunky build, short brown hair that's kinda spiky, trimmed moustache, about 4 days of beard growth. And he doesn't walk as so much he swaggers. I had the most incredible urge to jump him right there and then! heh heh But reason prevailed over hormones and he took the regulator since he wasn't sure if the had that type in stock. He's supposed to come over some time this morning with the new part then I'll head back to my aunts to dogsit. But for now I'm drooling while waiting for him. (me=bad boy)

Update: He came and went and I'm still drooling. LOL He wore a white cotton t-shirt, black jeans, and white underwear with blue pinstriping. Not that I was looking whilst he was bent over or anything... well, not that much anyway. :o)
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Oh and...

I should mention while I'm using the old machine I can use AOL 3.0 to check my mail and ICQ 99a to keep in contact. Due to lack of memory in the machine I'm stuck with IE 3.02 which has dodgy css and javascript support -- meaning there's a quite a few sites that'll kill the browser, so in general I won't be surfing much. I can and will read up on journals however, although posting would be problematic.