August 7th, 2001


*does Snoopy dance*

I got my computer back today! YAY!!!!! No more listening to the hard drive sounding like machine gun swapping memory just trying to launch a program. How in the world did I ever work on that machine?

Something even better: my RollerCoaster Tycoon (RCT) CD was in the machine when I sent it in but wasn't in it when I got it back. The clerk muttered something about nothing being said there was a CD in it to which was replied I specifically told the guy there was a CD in it. So this clerk scrounges through this pile of CDs there and puts one in the CD case I had provided. I assumed it would be RCT right? It wasn't, it was the add-on pack Corkscrew Follies. Damn, I couldn't use that unless I had the original CD, or so I thought. I installed it and damn if it's not running. Ahhhhhh, new types of rides I can build! *sighs dreamily*

Sometime late tonight or tomorrow morning I'll upload the latest gallery to BBP I was supposed to have done this last Saturday. After that I'm going to catch up on all the comics I missed.
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