September 5th, 2001



I honestly believe one small piece of luscious chocolate (like Ghirardelli) a day can make the life so much better. :o)
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    Sandstorm - "The return of nothing [Evolution mix]"
squeek, go for the eyes, boo

someone save me from the tuna boats!

shamelessly stolen from mokie


Your totem animal is the DOLPHIN. If you're not already besotted with these lovable mammals, chances are you soon will be - especially when you realise just how much you have in common with them. Thanks to their guidance, you're daring (always plunging in at the deep end), kind and wise. You're not frightened of anyone or anything and know how to maintain a balance in all your relationships. You're a chatty and fascinating friend as long as you're not restricted in any way. As long as you're respected and understood, your life and relationships go swimmingly. In your lifetime, you're destined to teach people or help them with their problems.
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    Eurythmics - "Here comes the rain again"