September 11th, 2001


the attacks...

It was bound to happen eventually. I'm somewhat shocked that people are shocked by this. We've know for years and years that this was a possibility if not likely. After the Oklahoma City bombing the country talked endlessly on how we should be expecting this and that we should prepare ourselves. What happened? Nothing. Out of sight, out of mind. And the thing that gets me is that everyone seems to be wondering who'll we'll attack in retaliation for this and yet we really don't even know who's responsible. I mean, lets be serious. We've pissed off countless groups and governments by our policies over the years and the fact it's only now that something has happened like this is surprising.

Remember when we tried to bomb Bin Laden and we ended up killing civilians instead? That's how many foreign people see us. That's why some people are cheering this attack. As retaliation of what we've been doing internationally for years throwing our weight around. Since it's a foregone conclusion we'll be bombing someone the cycle will continue it seems to me.

Last night I was listening to Senator Biden (D-Delaware) criticizing the President about the missile defense project boondoggle. He kept saying why are we willing to spend so much money on a system that has no real plan behind it, isn't proven to work yet for a scenario which is least likely to happen? What's likely to happen he thinks? Someone crossing our border with Canada with a biological agent in a vial hidden in a backpack, a car bomb, someone piloting a boat up a riving containing a nuclear bomb. These attacks today fall into the latter categories. Why aren't we putting our money and resources into ways of stopping these far more likely scenarios? What can we do against these kinds of attacks? Is it even realistically possible to stop them? I wonder and think that there isn't. But then I'm an avowed pessimist.
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