September 13th, 2001


and now, something completely different

Uploaded four new userpics this morning. Yeah, it's something to divert myself from all the news. How many times can we be expected to listen to the same things over and over without it eventually hurting our psyches if not souls? We, or at least I, need to move on. I'm hoping the NFL will decided to play their games this weekend. Anyone who thinks that would be disrepectful... well... we just obviously think differently.
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squeek, go for the eyes, boo

another distraction...

...a good one this time. We've got lots of stray cats around here. You can hear them running across the roof at night or them fighting each other in the wee hours of the morning. Anyway...

There's a white cat I refer to as "Blanca" who just had 2 kittens not too long ago. A few minutes ago I heard one of the kittens mewing so I went outside to look and saw the mother picking them up by the scruff of their necks to a shadier, nicer area under a hedge. They're so damn cute! A very welcome distraction. Hmm, the father cat is with them now. Picture this: him laying down just off to the side of the mother who is cleaning one of the kittens. The other kitten just a few feet away crying. Just a cute little fragile ball of fur. *satisfied sigh* That brightened my day. :o)
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squeek, go for the eyes, boo

we interrupt this Ozzie and Harriet moment

Next to that hedge is the door to the water heater for apartment #1. The left bottom edge of the door is cut away and the kittens hide inside the enclosure. Well, I just saw a third kitten I knew nothing about come out of there. And this one isn't white. We're talking Calico markings. Blanca has been around the block a few times it seems. That tramp. ;o) I think I know who the tom father probably is.
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stupid decision

NFL games will not be played this weekend. Whether they'll be cancelled or postponed is still not known. While I consider this the wrong choice I'm not the one making the decisions. *shrugs*

more fishies

If you've seen my aquarium page on my website know that it's very old. For the last year or so I haven't been replacing my dead fish. When the red botia died recently that left me with only 3. Today was a nice and cool day so I ended up walking to the local pet store and window-shopped for a while. After debating whether to get anything I eventually bought 3 black neons and 2 Otocinclus Affinis (think of them as mini-sucker fish) They got acclimated in my tank and have wandered around a bit, looking very comfortable now.
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