October 1st, 2001

squeek, go for the eyes, boo


Uploaded the 2 webcam pics of my fish on my website. I still can't catch the Otocinclus out of the shadows so I scanned in a B&W picture from a book, which isn't misleading 'cause the fish are black and white. :o)

49ers won their game against the Jets! w00t! I couldn't watch it cause I get all stressed when I do, so, I ended up recording it and am playing it right now.

I'm also wandering through some directories on my hard drive finding pictures I saved off the internet for one reason or another but never really used or looked at. I've deleted those, alongside some MP3s I don't listen to any more. Came across several RealAudio files as well, one of which I'm listening to right now that Afi (aka vampyrichamster) and mokie might recognize. *points down to the current music*
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    Say_Ten - "Bitten by a vampire hamster"