October 27th, 2001


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My mom, I and J headed to Victorville to shop for a bed for me. That didn't take long at all, or, at least not as long as I thought it would. The bed is going to be delived on Tuesday. I wanted to get the same size as my waterbed which was a full so that's what I ended up getting. From there we headed to BestBuy and I took my computer in. I'd gotten tired of the loud noise the power supply was making and since the waurentee is still good until the end of December I might as well get it repaired even though that meant it'd probably be gone for a week or two due to shipping. From there we went to Olive Garden for lunch. I had the eggplant thingy... I can't remember what it was called. Walked just across the parking lot to the Mall and looked around. Got a set of sheets, pillow cases and comforter for my new bed since all I have are waterbed sheets. From the Mall we went back to BestBuy. My mother was going to get me a CD burner for Xmas but after looking at a few lower-end systems (which were still way better than the machine I turned in earlier) she decided to get me a new computer. Woohoo! We gassed up at ARCO and drove back to Barstow. J decided to go for a solo walk while I set up the new computer which didn't take long. J and I spent time some time online looking at... um... sites containing visually stimulating pictures. ;o) Good stuff about the computer: helluva fast, better video card, cd burner! Bad stuff: Windows XP (eww! eww! eww!) which also hates my webcam and gamepad.