October 28th, 2001


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Got up then showered and dressed while J went out for a morning walk (he walks too much btw.) When everyone was dressed we headed over to my aunt's house for coffee and chatting. Around 9:30am J left to go back to Merced. Got home in time to watch football... until I saw the 49ers lose in overtime a game they had a huge lead in. That soured my mood. Went down my cousin L's house because it was her son's b-day. He had had his party with his friends the day before. Didn't want his family around to embarrass him. Heh. Smart kid! The computer came with a year of MSN so I got the MSN account set up to try it out. Now, people bitch about AOL and let me tell you... AOL is way better than MSN. #1, with MSN you've got to use their MSN Explorer which is huge and clunky and crappy. #2, email isn't handled by MSN itself but rather Hotmail. Yes, Hotmail. *sigh*