November 5th, 2001



Got my old computer back today from the shop and had to think of how to copy over all my crap. I didn't want to directly hook up my old hard drive to the new system because of what happened when I went from Win95 to Win98. The files I had selected trying to move between the drives got totally munched. Well this time I had the luxury of having a 4GB drive I wasn't using because it wouldn't boot any more. I had it packed away so I got it, dusted it off, hooked it up to the old machine and wiped everything off it. I ran ScanDisk to make sure there were no errors in the data section and then copied over all the files I wanted on my new machine. I unhooked the drive from that computer and installed it in the WinXP one and everything worked fine. The files copied over flawlessly. Woohoo!

Also today I finally started using the new bed sheets I got last weekend. Quite good looking and comfy I must say. I started to move my room around as I planned until I realized I didn't have enough phone cord and TV cable to reach where I wanted to move things, so, I'll have to put the move off until I get more wiring.
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