November 19th, 2001


monday morning test thingies

links snagged from waaaaaaaaaaay too many people

If I was an Autobot, I'd be:
Click to see what Autobot you could be!
Take the Transformers personality test at!

Hmm, not a bad description methinks... I kinda like it actually. :o)

How Do You Rate?

Took this test long ago and wanted to retake it to see if I'd get the same score. I did. Oh, and the rating is SO true. *would act macho but doesn't know how*

How Do You Rate?

Yeah, it's for women but I just had to take the test. Not a bad score methinks.
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Read this post. If that'd been for real it wouldn't have surprised me. Yes, I'm stereotyping I suppose. I can be that way at times. :o)
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miscellaneous stuff

Gah! All day long there's been a crew working outside chewing up the road and putting in new pipe. Noisy as hell I say! Though, there is this one really good looking guy... *peers though his blinds and drools*

I had only gotten one full set of bedding for my new bed back at the end of October but I just got 2 more new ones from the Ralph Lauren Polo outlet. (Helps to have an aunt with an employee discount. *G*) Very nice looking stuff.

Both the 49ers and Raider won yesterday which is good news though the 49ers game had to be settled in overtime (the 4th this year) and it should have never gotten that far. They're simply too talented to let the Panthers lead like that in the game. It seems this year the 49ers are playing to the level of the opponents, both good and bad teams. As far as the Raiders go, well, I'm just glad they got the win after being mauled last week. Jerry Rice got 3 TDs! Not bad for an "old" fellow, eh? :o)

Oh, and why in the hell are they showing a guy in a box looking at wild animals (deer, beavers, etc...) on ESPN2? When in the world was it decided that hunting was a sport? Stupid people.
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