November 20th, 2001

squeek, boo, go for the eyes

one sign of coming holiday season...

... is when the amount of eggnog in stock at your local supermarket quintuples. Mmmmm... eggnog! *slurp* :o)

Oh, and I had pepperoni pizza for dinner! *does snoopy dance*
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    Annie Lennox and Al Green - "Put a little love in your heart"


Bad news: The pipe-laying crew who worked in the street yesterday worked in the alley behind the apartment today and were very, very noisy.

Good news: Mr. Cute Construction Worker (late 20s, pale blue eyes, short blond hair and goatee stubble) had to come inside the apartment to check all the gas appliances. He ended up having to relight the wall heater pilot. No, I didn't stare at him... much... while he was bent over. *wipes the drool off his face* ;o)
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    Hot chocolate - "You sexy thing"