November 26th, 2001


*whistles along*

Every year the day after Halloween I put up the Christmas decorations. First the odd ornaments on the shelves removing the "normal" ones and packing them away. Then I'd put out the stuffed animals, lots of the 'em. Then the strings of garland that lights in them. Last of all would be the tree.... well, after finding room for the bloody sucker. S'not easy finding a clear spot in a packrat's domain. ;o) I'd have to put the tree together from 3 parts, yes, it's an artificial one. I've never cared much for real trees. Anyway, next would be the lights then garland, some tinsel, and finally the ornaments. The final touch would be a quick spray of cinnamon and spice aerosol.

That used to be my routine for years and years. Then about 2 years ago I just didn't feel like it and didn't put any decorations up until after Thanksgiving. Last year I didn't even feel motivated enough to put up any decorations at all except for a mini-tree in my bedroom. So what about this year?

I'm feeling a little more motivated. I do want to put up the big tree but there's really not enough room for it. *sigh* Without that having the rest of the big stuff (like the stuffed animals) doesn't feel right, so, I guess I'll just do my room again. I've found my mini-tree and will put it and it's lights/ornaments up tomorrow. I want to do a bit more than that so I might just throw up some strings of lights around. There's tons of those packed away. Hmmm, maybe a few ceramic decorations. Some garland around my bulletin board? There's this plastic contraption with 5 lights on it looking like a candles -- I just might put that in my window. *lost in thought for a while* Gah, I'm wool gathering in my old age! Enough thoughts, I need to act.... tomorrow.

BTW, the Rams lost to the Bucs tonight!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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