November 28th, 2001



So I decide to walk to Wal-Mart and see if they have a replacement bulb from my desktop florescent light. The moment I opened the apartment door I shut it and called time/temperature. 34 friggin' degrees. Once upon a time back in Merced I would have loved that temperature, but, apparently I've adapted to the desert over the years. The 110+ degree days don't bother me any more, I know how to handle myself in those conditions. But 34 degrees? Ok, so I put on a thick long-sleeve blue shirt and headed out.... and see the pipe-laying crew back to work. They've been here on the outskirts of the street and alley for the past 2 days. Sure, there's some cute guys worth drooling over but they're damn noisy let me tell ya. Hmm, I'm digressing...

I walk through Kennedy Middle School (the shortest distance being a straight line, don't ya know) and nearly trip over myself as I stepped on an untied shoelace. Graceful, aren't I? ;o) Anyhoo, from there I walked down Armory Road until I hit Wal-Mart. I headed to the section with the lights but much to my dismay there were none that matched what I needed. *sigh* I went from there to where the lamps are located hoping there might be more there, but no dice. Now, if I were a smart guy I'd have left right there and then. But noooooooo, I had to go to the electronic section. I had gotten no more than 4 feet and already I had Pink's new CD "Missundaztood" in my hands. Well, the damage was already done so I looked around a bit more through the CDs and came across Melissa Etheridge's "Skin". Immediately "I want to be in love" started playing in the back of my mind for the longest time. I did manage to put the CD down only to pick up Duran Duran's "Greatest". I didn't feel so guilty about that since I'd wanted to get that for a long time now. I browsed a little more and figured that was enough then started to leave the electronic section... but I just couldn't. I had to have the "Skin" CD! Ok, I'll admit it, I'm weak!!! :o)

I paid at the checkout stand in the garden section ('cause it had a smaller line) left the building and walked up Montara Road planning to turn west on Foraine but when I got to the corner there were some stray rotweilers nipping each other in the middle of the street. Change of plan. I went down to the end of Montara and hooked a right on Rimrock until just past the apartments, then crossed the dirt field and got back onto Foraine, crossed kitty-corner on Broadway into Church Street. Usually I walk all the way through the alley but with the crew there I decided to cut across the storm drainage area through the cut-open chain fence and crossed the court to the apartment. Well, not immediately. I kinda lurked around a bit to stare at the guys. My bad. ;o)
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