December 1st, 2001



Given how I haven't been able to update BBP on the day I wanted to (and usually can't until 2 days later) I decided to try it a day early (Friday morning) and sure enough everything went smoothly and quickly. Maybe this is what I need to do for now on.

Bought 7 more books today and was surprised when I found out the prices finally went back to "normal". Fortunately I had brought more money than I expected to need. At Wal-Mart I saw Ski Resort Tycoon and saw it was $9. Now, I've never seen it played nor have seen any reviews of it but being the building/sim nut that I am I had to buy it. There a few really annoying parts in it like not being able to rotate my field of view, and not being able to set boundaries for the mechanics. On the other hand I keep laughing my butt off watching skiers tumble, fall and land smack on their asses. Oh, and there's this cool feature that allows a dynamically refreshing first-person view from any building. You can pan the view around to see the other buildings and the skiers pass by. Very nice.

I also picked up 2 CDs while at Wal-Mart:

The Drifters - "Greatest Hit"
U2 - "The Best of 1980-1990"
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