December 13th, 2001



Made my second... no, wait... third attempt to use my CD burner. The first time was the night I got the new 'puter. My friend J wanted some songs to play on the drive back to Merced. Two of the songs appeared to be corrupted and did very funky and weird things on playback on my computer and his car stereo. My second try at burning worked pretty well, though one song wouldn't make the conversion process from MP3. I was warned of the error beforehand so I could correct any mistakes. This third time it worked flawlessly. I was able to fit 18 songs (79 minutes) on it, from Enya's "Only time" to Lil Kim's "How many licks." Good stuff.

Throughout the conversion of the program from DOS to Windows, I never bothered changing the 8+3 filename limit that was imposed by DOS. I changed that puppy rather quickly this week. L had called me and asked for a few changes earlier this week on Monday which again didn't take as long as I thought it would. Things are getting close to final methinks.

Missed Will & Grace (and the rest of the NBC lineup tonight) because the fuckin' channel went out. Still is actually. This the the second time within the last week they've lost the signal.
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