January 20th, 2002


new car

I hadn't mentioned this before, don't ask me why. On the 27th of December on the way home from work my mom's car got rear-ended. The back end got smashed up. For a few days she borrowed my cousin's car and then got a rental. She knew we had to get a new car but had to wait for some of the financial things come together. Well, today she bought a new... well, used actually... car. A 2001 Mercury Sable which is the same type we had before but that was a 1989 model. It's the same burgundy color as well. I love the car although the seats feel just a tad smaller than the old one. The trunk is amazing though. I swear you could fit two big dead guys in there. *rubs hands together evilly* Yeeeeees! ;o)

Anyway, it came with a CD player in there so now my mom decides she'll finally get into CDs. There's a CD boom box in the house collecting dust and I've told her repeatedly she could use it but never did. When I got this computer in October she got my 300 MHz one but she's only used it like she did her 486 DX one: to play casino games. Tonight I've got her using the 'puter to listen to my 60's CDs via WinAmp. Told her to write down the songs she likes and I'll burn her some CDs to listen to on the commute to work. Hmmm. Now, if only I can get her to check her email regularly. "Hey mom, you've got 28 emails. You should check it." "Oh, I'll get to it later". Yeah, like 20 more emails later. :o)
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