January 23rd, 2002



Was going to get off my tuckus and get my hair cut yesterday but the wind was blowing a steady 25 MPH all day. I think not.

I headed out this morning at 9am, paused, walked back inside and checked the temperature. 34 degrees. Brrrr. Walked over to Fantastic Sams and waited about 40 minutes until they could get to me. Wasn't happy with that but it did give me a chance to warm up. Walked down Armory Road until I hit Wal-Mart. I went to get the AoE2 Conquerors expansion pack and only that but ended up spending $64:

  • Age of Empires: The Conquerors Expansion
  • Melissa Etheridge's "Yes I Am"
  • KC & The Sunshine Band Collectors Edition
  • "Pitch Black" on VHS
  • 25' Coaxial cable

picture of haircut insideCollapse )
  • Current Music: KC & the Sunshine Band - "I'm your boogie man"