January 29th, 2002


80's music goodness

Nothing much happening lately of interest hence the lack of posts. Picked up Paula Abdul's "Greatest Hits" on Saturday. Went for a 4 mile walk today and got the "Go-Go's Collection" from VH1's Behind the Music series. Ooooh, and some really cheesy bubble gum pop... Debbie Gibson's "Lost in your eyes and other hits". Hmm, I should say Deborah Gibson. I hear she hates being called Debbie now. *squints and ponders* Debbie Gibson it is then. ;o)

BTW, I scored as Daria on the Daria quiz. YAY! No link to it since you can find on just about every journal. :o)

On a related note I added 3 new user pics including Daria, Dark Phoenix and Siouxsie Sioux.
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    Debbie Gibson - "Electric youth"