February 4th, 2002



I saw this journal entry at little.yellow.different:

"And speaking of teeny bopper popstars...
(The scene: Ernie, Paris and Min Jung watching music videos. In particular, Britney Spear's new video interspersed with scenes from her new movie.)

Paris: Britney is in a road trip movie? With two other girls and a guy?
Ernie: The guy is probably gay. Oh god, I hope so.
Paris: (looks at Ernie) What are you talking about? The guy is gonna be straight. Britney is in this movie, so they already have their gay audience targetted.
Ernie: Eh, you're right.
Min Jung: *pause* You know, I think Britney is this generation's version of Cher.
Ernie and Paris: ...

*shiver* If I could turn back time, indeed."

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