February 22nd, 2002



An apology to sadguitar138 for not getting back to him via AIM. When he messaged me I had been in the kitchen washing dishes, which btw is my least favorite chore, and I wasn't sure if I'd heard the chime. I'd gotten into a rare washing groove and didn't want to stop. By the time I did I had to rush (with a book in hand) to the bathroom because of a call of nature. As luck would have it the toilet backed up and I spent the next 20 minutes plungerring until I heard a nice satisfying gurgle. Anyhow, again, I apologize. Oh and thanks for adding me to your friend's list! *lotsatummyrubs* :o)

Ooh, this article at the Onion had me laughing. The link was courtesy of micks in a reply in sadguitar138's journal.
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