February 23rd, 2002


what to do?

Today... *checks the clock* ...yes, today my best IRL friend J will be visiting me along with 2 other of his friends D and V. Tonight or yesteday(?) they're visiting relatives of D in Trona, a small city out in eastern Cali. There's supposed to leave there today and come by Barstow then we'll have dinner and then go out. Oh, there'll probably be some shopping beforehand both here at the Outlet Malls and in Vicorville and/or Apple Valley. As for going out, leave it up to J to find out about a new place in Apple Valley via the Net. A place called the Backdoor, or was the Stage Door? The latter now that I think of it more. Anyway they'll leave on Sunday to go back to Merced. This visit though has me a bit worried, worried about V.

He's been J's partner in crime for the last year or two and as such I've spoken to him occasionally via phone when J has called me. Now J has tried to play matchmaker in the past (heck, he tried to set me up with an ex-girfriend of his) and I've gotten a few subtle clues that he might have been playing me up to V. When J called to let me know the first time that they were coming for a visit V spoke to me and then put D on the phone briefly whom turned to phone back to V. In the background I thought I heard D make a crack how V really wanted to meet me. Yesterday when J called I asked him point blank what the hell he's been telling V about me. He said he's said nothing but did admit that V said I had a sexy phone voice. I almost busted up laughing but joked instead "of course I do. Everyone knows that." I expressed reservation about this visit but he said if all else fails I can just talk to him with my sexy voice. At that point I had to laugh. So anyway, we'll be heading to that new club and I really don't like clubs simply because clubs are basically just meat markets and I can't dance worth shit. No, seriously, I hurt other people when I dance. You know, the whole bull in a china shop thing. And as sure as my nick is Desertwolf I have a feeling V is going to want me to dance with him. *sigh* What to do?
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book love

I had almost forgotten that my library books were due today. It'd have been a 25 cent late fee per book per day. I checked out four new books and then bought 6 of them via Friends of the Library:

  • "Cluster" by Piers Anthony
  • "The Forge Of God" by Greg Bear
  • "God Emperor Of Dune" by Frank Herbert
  • "The Left Hand Of Darkness" by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • "Grass" by Sheri S. Tepper
  • "Raising The Stones" by Sheri S. Tepper