February 26th, 2002


so, this last weekend...

J, V and D made it over on Saturday after spending Friday and that morning in Trona. J and V came by the apartment to yak with me while D rested at the motel, she needed her rest. They both walked back to group up D and head over to the Outlet Malls. I ate while they did that. D didn't feel like going out that night so it was just me, J and V. We got directions to the place J found online, the Stage Door and... hoo boy... let's just the say we walked in and walked back out 2 minutes later, so, we headed to the old standby Westside 15 -- a very small gay bar. We did end up having a nice night though poor V was immediately hit upon by this tiny nelly queen. Much to V's dismay J was egging the queen on. Finally the troll left him alone. Then an odd thing happened. A bus full of gays wandered in. It seemed the bar was a stop on their way to a gambling destination. That perked that bar up a bit. Anyway the next day the three of them came over to the apartment so we could talk for while and then we all headed over to my aunt's house in the morning before they left.

Oh and about V... he's was so adorably cute and cuddly! Sorta like a huggable teddy bear. So nice and funny too. Here I was nervous about meeting him and I shouldn't have been. I tried to find any excuse to hug him. me=bad, I know. :o) J called to today while he was on the road to a client and asked what I thought of D and V. So I let him know D was funny and sarcastic. Had to be since she was a friend of J. It's sort of a prerequiste to know him I think. Then I let him know what I thought of V and he's like "but he's a sister" as in so close he's just like a sibling. I'm all "he's your sister. I can think of him as I want." heh

ring ring

Today's my step-mother's birthday and I was going to call her, but, I figured I'd call my sister first to see if she had already called and if so what the mood of my step-mother was. But, my sis hadn't called yet and then with amusement said since I was going to call now that I could call her just after to let her know what the mood was. Argh, the table was turned. So, I called my step-mother and she was in a good mood. She and dad were watching a movie when I had called. I asked where dad was taking her to dinner and she replied she hadn't made up her mind where she wanted to go yet. We chit-chatted for a bit and then she handed over the phone to my dad. I asked how the funeral for my aunt Connie went on Friday and it seems everything went pretty ok expect for a few small details. My uncle seems fine right now but then he's been kept busy since her death. Now that things are going to slow down we'll see how he'll adjust to her absence.