February 28th, 2002



I wanted to get out of the apartment. Figured I walk someplace but where...? The library! Cool! But, just a bit before I was going to leave the wind kicks up. More and more and more. Hmmm. Is this a sign? I shall take it as one. So, I wrote today off and I try for the Friends of the Library tomorrow instead.

I haven't been remembering any of my dreams lately except for a tiny part from last night. I was wandering around a large city trying to find a map of a lost city. The beginning part I remember is walking into a huge gay club. Lights blaring and music pumping. I wander into the office where, lo and behold, are stacks of bookcases. I look around and can't find what I looking for. One of the club patrons, late 40ish, says he's got a big collections of maps at his home, would I be interested in looking at them? So, we get in his car and drive... to this mansion. We get inside and he shows me the library and then he wanders off. I look around a bit not finding what I was looking for, then being the snoop I am, I wander around the place. I end up in his bedroom, plop myself on his bed and watch the TV there. After a while I wander down the sitting room where some of the staff (who I magically knew they were) in normal clothing were eating pocorn and watching something on the TV. Also there were the owner's son and daughter (in their 20s). There were also 3 people I didn't know but I got the feeling the 18 year-old looking, blond with a slender-build guy was the owner's boytoy.

That's all of the dream because I then got woken up by a phone call in which the idiot hang up on me after I said hello. Grrr!!!! I hate that!
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