March 3rd, 2002


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So I was trying to fall asleep last night and the neighbors in apt. #3 (who moved in 3 weeks ago) are slamming the wrought-iron entrance door/gate -- the door that's connected to my north bedroom wall and rings like a bell whenever someone slams it. Plus they were yelling back and forth just a few feet outside my window going on past 1:30am. Finally they stopped, I fell asleep, and then was rudely awaken at 9am by an idiot across the alley working on his motorcycle. Fuckin'-A! If I was in possession of a semi-automatic rifle, or even a baseball bat, this world would be short by a few humans. >:(

Anyway, headed over to Wal-Mart with mom to look at vaccuum cleaners. The one we have now is from the 80's and is well, well past it's prime. Picked up 2 RCA jack connectors since I haven't been able to find the ones I had before. I think I lent them out to someone ages ago but can't remember to whom. I also picked up Kylie Minogue's "Fever". Good music, especially "In your eyes", Butterfly" and "Love at first sight". Notice that I didn't mention "Can't get you out of my head". That's because I find that song pretty mediocre.

Didn't feel like cooking so pepperoni pizza from PizzaHut was in order. Yum! :o)
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    Kylie Minogue - "Butterfly"

a personal note from me to

Dear MusicCity,

I want to thank you for switching from a easy-to-use program that allowed for easy searches of music, video and pictures to a Gnutella-based client which sucks salty llama balls. Oh sure, I've tried different Gnuetella clients before and hated every one of them, BUT, surely you know what's best for me. After all, what was I thinking about when using Morpheus to get away from crappy searches available on Gnutella? Apparently I have to dredge through all the crap available there. So, I want to thank you for ruining a good program which I loved using.

Sincerely, your #1 fan,


P.S. IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!! And it will be deleted off my machine in just a few. Damn bastages!
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    Kylie Minogue - "Love at first sight"