March 4th, 2002

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someone needs to slap GWB around, oh wait, I'll do it

He needs to quit fucking say that the country is behind him because I'm part of this country and I'm definitely NOT behind his plans for military over-build up and military strikes du jour -- if not eventual world domination. Honestly, if I were the bible-thumper type I'm sure I would think of him as the often-bandied-about term "antichrist."

Ya know, ever since 9/11 I haven't really said much about the Usurper (as I like to call him) probably because too many people are vocally kissing his ass, if not giving him a good 'ol rim-job, and woe betide anyone not toeing the "I'm proud to be an American" line whilst being wrapped in a flag. Well you know what? Fuck 'em. I didn't like GWB before the election; I didn't like his actions after his pop's cronies handed the presidency to him and I certain DON'T like him now. He's an idiot who was lucky to stumble into a horrific tragedy allowing him to push his right-wing hawkish policies. He'll keep this "war" going to ensure that people have a favorable rating of him and to help his own re-election come 2004. Yes, I truly believe that and there nothing anyone can said to make me disbelieve it.

and yet I will still vote tomorrow

I'll be glad tomorrow once the primary elections are done with. No more negative ads on the TV until the fall, ok, maybe late summer. No more annoying phone call recordings of candidates peddling themselves. No more countless mailing leaflets coming from unknown shadowy groups pushing certain candidates, endorsements that were paid for, etc... <sarcasm>Ah, I just love American... no... Californian politics.</sarcasm>
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I've been a bundle of joy lately haven't I? I need to think of positive things or even just take notice of small things. Like: I just realized my calendar was still on February so I turned the page to a really nice lighthouse picture. According to the caption it's "Hecta Head Lighthouse, Devil's Elbow State Park, Oregon". Nice picture. Calming picture. There'll be plenty of time for negativity tomorrow once the poll result start coming in.... hours after every TV station will have declared/projected their own winners based on flimsy exit polling results.

Erm, back to that positivity. *chants* ooooohm... oooohm... oooohm... (oh my how silly this sounds) oooohm....