March 6th, 2002


Hack a PC, Get Life in Jail (from

"...CSEA's original language said in cases where miscreants knowingly attempt "to cause death or serious bodily injury" through electronic means, the punishment would be life imprisonment.

That wasn't strong enough for the committee, which succumbed to pressure from the Bush administration and voted during the 45-minute session for a replacement bill promising life terms for computer intrusions that "recklessly" put others' lives at risk..." (Read more)

The thing that really bothers me the most about this is not knowing why "hackers" who would ruin peoples' lives will get life sentences and yet miscreants in the financial industry who basically do the same thing (and often ending up hurting even more people than the hacker ever could) only get light sentances in some country club "prison."
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a repost ( from

LiveJournal has a new publicly available style called Refried Paper! Very clean and crisp - I'm using it on my journal as we speak! Many thanks to idigital for sharing the style with the rest of us!

You'll find Refried Paper available as an option on the Modify Journal page for the Most Recent Events and Friends View pages of your journal.

Enjoy! -
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a question for ya'll

I'm working on a different style for my journal and decided to try ditching TABLEs altogether in favor of DIVs and CSS. The problem being older browsers that don't fully support CSS, so, I'm asking ya'll...

Which browser and version are you using to surf?

Internet Explorer 3.x or earlier
Internet Explorer 4.x
Internet Explorer 5.x or later
Netscape 4.x
Netscape 6.x
Opera 4.x or earlier
Opera 5.x or later
Other (see below)

If you chose Other please let me know which one you're using

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