March 14th, 2002


IIWD time

So after dithering for 2 weeks I've finally decided to uninstall Morpheus and after that had to delete some database stuff it left behind in the directory. Then I figured I'd better check out for any leftover entries in the registry and sure enough, it looked like the uninstaller didn't even touch them. Fine, I manually deleted them myself. All of which things brings me to another "IIWD"...

If I were dictator I would force every single program produced in the U.S. or made to sold in the U.S. to have an uninstall program, and, said program must remove everything it installed or produced. Files, directories, and registry entries. Breaking that rule would mean a minimum sentence of 5 years in jail up to a maximum of 10 years... the length depending upon my whimsical mood at the time. The sentence should ensure people follow the rule. :o)
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