March 24th, 2002


update (snazzy title eh?)

Lest I incur nadd_badger's wrath I'm updating. ;o)

Since I last posted... on Monday prior to L's visit I decided my room was slightly funky smelling so I burned some candles. I do that frequently and I'm always careful when I do light any. Well, there's a first time for everything and sure enough something did go wrong. One of the candles was a tiny cinnamon smelling one in a tin. For once I didn't pay attention and it burned until it went out... and melted it's way through the lid of my aquarium cover. *sigh* Yeah, stupid me.

Friday I walked down to the Friends of the Library store in the Mall and picked up 5 old books. When I started the walk there was a slight breeze. By the time I left the Mall there was a good steady wind. And I was walking into it. A weird thing about walking in the wind is that I tend to walk faster than normal. I don't know why. By the time I got halfway up the incline on Broadway I was panting and had to stop to catch my breath. Made it home ok though.

There's a major renovation going on in repaving the streets since they all got butchered with all the new pipelines that were layed within the last half-year. Anyway, on the walk down Armory Rd. it was shut down in sections while they repaired it. When I gotten home there was a notice posted on the door saying my street (or rather court) would be closed on Monday (tomorrow) to be repaved. All I'm gonna say is if they wake me up there'll be hell to pay. Ok, not really but I like to say that anyway.

Oh yeah, I've mentioned before that I've been wanted to get rid of my aquarium. Well, I had showed L where the candle had melted the hood lid and then said how I wanted to get rid of it. He said he'd be glad to take it off my hands so hopefully soon it'll be gone. With the new opened-up space I hope to get another bookcase since I've got books piling in places all over.
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"A State Visit"

President Bush flew to London to meet Queen Elizabeth on a formal state visit. Air Force One landed, and a long red carpet was rolled out.

The President strode along the carpet, flanked by Royal guards on both sides, and approached the Queen, who awaited him in a beautiful, ornate 17th century coach hitched to six enormous matched white horses. The coach preceded through the streets of London en route to Buckingham Palace, as the Queen and President waved to the cheering crowds.

Suddenly, one of the horses closest to the carriage let go a massive, thunderous, cataclysmic fart that reverberated through the air and rattled the doors of the coach.

The President made a point of ignoring the outburst, continuing to wave to the onlookers as if nothing extraordinary had happened. But the Queen realized it was impossible to ignore the sound and stench, and decided to say something.

"Mr. President, please accept my regrets," she said. "I am sure you understand that there are some things that even a Queen can't control."

President Bush replied, "Oh, don't give it another thought, Your Majesty... you know, if you hadn't said anything I woulda thought it was one of the horses!"
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